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 Nico's Officer application

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PostSubject: Nico's Officer application   Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:49 pm

1. Are u nice?
Yes unless you screw around with me

2. Do u have experience ?
raid leader and guild leader for my retail guild. (GM in server)

3.a Have u been kicked from any guilds?
yes, Warlords and The darkcrusade. ( i left actually.)

4. Have u played retail?

5. How long have u played wow?
About 3 years

6. Do u follow rulz?

7. Do u kick alot of people?
If their being idiots and people who might cause the server/guild problems cheers

8. Are U Active?

9. What Hours Do U Play?
12 hours daily affraid

PS. Do note im a GM on the server and i do log on Landolph or my new one soon ( made soon ) and i will perform as expected in revenge or that Horde one .. weird name tho. No offence lol. lol! lol!

this application is for my new toon and ill be on both GM + Player one
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Nico's Officer application
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